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September 13, 2010

Boehner's statement on extending Bush tax cuts gets morphed by Dems as they jump out in front of the


NOT SO FAST! GOP vows fillisbuster of tax plan if all cuts are not extended

Obama won't run again in 2012?

Will Obama's plan to scrap sec. 199 and dual capacity protections for oil/gas companies wipe out 150,000


STIMULUS: $823,200.000 spent on African genital washing program



A kissing pony?



Connecticut governor's race moves from solid Demorcrat to Leans Democrat.

Iran bars United Nations nuclear inspectors, UN and Iran argue

Greatest idea ever- the inflatable tie!

Global economic data reveals an overall "growth downshift," and forshadows lackluster growth going


Breaking News! Movement secrets of sloths revealed



European debt crisis reignites; Ireland's borrowing costs soar

Tullo Oil announces major new oil field find off Ghana coast


September 12, 2010

Happy balloon month!

Amazingly, BP oilspill's missing oil found...right where they left it.

GAO finds HHS mailer to Medicaire recipients to be misleading in several ways.

Obama mania merchandising facing a steep drop in sales

Taliban is resorting to using child soldiers as young as 5 in Afghanistan

Iceland set to become a haven for journalists and leakers

Christian worshippers attacked in indonesia

Officials go dill on human pickle, give him the heave-ho...

Human Pickle gives business a big boost...


Protestors in pig costumes arrested in Moscow

Greek prime minister rules out restructuring of Greek debt

Burglers checked Facebook updates to pick out houses to rob

Orszag assures us all that Obama is not a socialist. *Whew!*

DARPA researching mind-altering combat helmets

"Withering" interview from CBS News of Atty General Holder. Notice absolutely no mention of Black Panthers case, or illegal immigration and AZ?


September 11, 2010



Rent-a-white-guy business is booming in China

1930's style robot walks,talks, and yodels...

81 year old man attemps to rescue neighbors dumpster, is swept out to sea on dinghy

[VIDEO] You have to respect this guy for his command of the debate. Worth watching the whole 9 minutes.

Not now, not ever...nutty preacher vows never to burn the Quran?

Armed Cuban military surrounds Pakistani student demonstration at "World leading" Cuban medical school, with no lab, no hospital, no supplies.


September 10, 2010

Black Panthers vs Quran burners...For whatever comes next, we may need our tinfoil helmets

You might not be allowed to sell your old software?

Official from Iranian consulate in Finland defects in protest

Nude gardener angry over new housing development that will overlook his *blossoms*

Health insurers warned not to bad mouth Obamacare, or pay dearly. Free speech?

But...why exactly did the FBI pay the wingnut book burner a visit? Government intimidation?

Communists fueled clash with Los Angeles police

Wife discovers online wedding pics of HUSBAND (dressed as prince charming!) and another woman

Here's another thing that we did as kids, but now find out we were really lame at. Extreme POGO.

September 9, 2010

Please fly over and drop giant water baloon here

Appeals court blocks immigration law by PA town

With a straight face, they predict a 2.3 degree temperature rise over 90 years

Ban temporarily lifted on stem cell research funding pending appeal

911 Imam defends the mosque. Watch the whole thing and get mad slowly, or jump to 4:15 and get mad fast

Those positive unemployment claims numbers? They were E S T I M A T E D this week.

Stunning revelation: Health care costs will NOT be controlled by Obamacare! Who knew?

Spain chops subsidies for solar power up to 40% in austerity move

Policeman is pepper sprayed and tasered by his own colleague, and still makes the arrest of a suspect!

How has civilization survived without this? Auto-lacing sneakers by NIKE

Norway takes the gamble and goes big on Greek debt purchase

The universe, formed out of nothing, finally explained? Is M-theory the Grand design?

One-third of people still bring a Teddy bear to bed!

September 8, 2010

Hundreds of Islamist prisoners escape in jailbreak


Scooter Libby - "The world is not just."

Communist party hands out porn pens to six year olds

The secrets of sexy dancing explained for men

Who's up for a good old Peruvian gold rush!

Can't wait for the price to drop on this robot

Untangling the Greek debt problem

Greece sees economy shrink faster than expected

Harry Reid intends to persue a lame duck session

No magic dial in Washington to cure unemployment?

Giant rats sniff out land mines

September 7, 2010

World War II vet fights off invader in his home! Semper Fi!

Muslim Congressman calls 911 mosque opponents "proponents of religious bigotry"

Bye-Bye Bush tax cuts for the wealthy: Obama refuses extension

Democrats unlikely to repeal tax cuts for the rich

2 US troops shot and killed by Iraqi soldier

Tiny flying saucers will save the Earth!

Palestinian Authority arrests two Hamas terrorists in West bank shooting- no extradition to Isreal

Stem cell funding Judge rejects Obama administration request to lift ban

Senator Lisa Murkowski...Libertarian?

Plenty of blame to go around, says BP report

NASA to trapped Chilean miners:"Form an underground community"

Afghanistani men who play with, sexually abuse, young dancing boys dressed as women.

Over half of Americans give Obama thumbs down on economy



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